The perfect tool to rename your digital photos to a name that does make sense
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FEATURES v03 codenamed Debden

  1. Renaming of a whole group of files under a directory that match a specific ending string
  2. New improved User Interface
  3. Some bug fixes
  4. New. When renaming, now you can place the beginning number in the numeration box
  5. In-Place Editing
  6. A very easy to understand user interface. No regular expressions, no difficult stuff
  7. Very fast
  8. Cool, made with C# and Windows Forms
  9. OpenSource, free Software


A Microsoft Windows Operating System with the .NET Framework version 2.0



  1. A nice installer, perhaps using nullsoft scripting software
  2. Translations into Spanish and Catalan
  3. More features, such as live previews
  4. CVS in the sourceforge to provide patches
  5. If you would like to collaborate to this opensource free software, you can download the sourcecode and begin working on it. If you provide good changes, please drop me an email to jordilin06@users.sourceforge.net and I'll put you as a developer.